The Best Places to Eat in Waco

interior of Magnolia Table Restaurant

Magnolia Table Restaurant

Whether you’re a new transplant, just passing through, or looking for a new favorite spot, the number of nice restaurants in Waco can feel overwhelming. So where do you start? It might seem strange to think of a car dealership as your go-to for a good recommendation, but Allen Samuels Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT is a community dealer, not just a car lot, and our staff has the local knowledge to prove it. We know what Waco is known for, so here’s our list of Waco restaurants – keep plenty of napkins handy to keep your Wrangler interior clean, and contact us when you have questions!



A Waco tradition since 1930, George’s won’t be an unfamiliar name to those born and bred in town, but it’s a must-visit for any new arrivals or visitors. As a big supporter of Baylor University athletics, students, alumni, and faculty from the nearby college are familiar faces here, while famous chicken fried steak and its own “Big O’s” beer count former President George W. Bush, Barbara Walters, and many others among its legion of fans. There’s perhaps no better way to get a taste of Waco’s history and culture than by stopping by George’s, so don’t skip it if you get a chance.

Jake’s Texas Tea House

Before you don a monocle or royal gown for afternoon finger sandwiches at Jake’s Texas Tea House, you should know that Texas tea isn’t the variety you drink – it’s the kind that keeps your car or truck running. This local black gold inspired favorite serves its take on diner classics in a ‘50s themed garage, and features live musical tributes to Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and more each Saturday. Tired of chicken fried steak? Try the chicken fried chicken, and wash it down with your pick of a big variety of Texas local craft beer.

Vitek’s Market

Looking for the best take on BBQ in Waco? Bring your boxing gloves when you come looking for that argument! But your chances of winning it are significantly higher when you vouch for Vitek’s Market. All the Texas classics are here – pulled pork, smoked turkey and chicken, brisket, or sausage – but the addition of less-traditional loaded potatoes, nachos, tacos, and a surprising dedication to Frito’s corn chips give Vitek’s the edge over many others. And dessert options like banana pudding, pecan cobbler, and fresh-baked chocolate cookies certainly help the case here.


Now a well-established chain of Tex-Mex restaurants, Torchy’s originally wowed its clientele with its meatless deep-fried avocados and more. But instead of sitting still and opting for cheaper ingredients of the vacuum-packed-and-steamed variety, the company has since grown its variety of tacos to a nearly bewildering extent. In Waco, you’ll find 15 flavors on the menu at Torchy’s from across the country, including catfish from Alabama, green chile pork from Arizona, and of course brisket from right here in Texas, along with rotating monthly specials on both food and drink that will keep you coming back for more long after you’ve tried everything.

Magnolia Table

When you go looking for an unpretentious kitchen with an edge on fine dining, stop in at Magnolia Table for breakfast or lunch. Featuring a seasonal menu of well-cooked ingredients – many of which are grown, collected, or hatched by owner Joanna Stevens Gaines, former host of HGTV’s Fixer Upper – this community gathering place in the original location of the century-old Elite Cafe is a great place to stop by for coffee or pastries on the go, or a refined-yet-casual lunch that doesn’t rely on a reservation to experience.

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We know our customers. We know our region. And we know the makes and models that meet the unique needs of both. That’s what makes Allen Samuels Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT a true community dealer. Whether you’re looking for a dinner recommendation among downtown Waco restaurants, the best Mexican restaurants in Waco, figuring out why your car is leaking water, or you have a question about the new Dodge Durango for sale or what those numbers on the side of your tires mean, you’re always welcome to get in touch, or stop in and chat. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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