Why Is My Car Leaking Water?

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It’s not usually a serious problem if you see a car leaking water, as air conditioning systems in most vehicles drip condensation whenever they’re running. Seeing little puddles near the back of the engine compartment shouldn’t be alarming. Neither should water near the tailpipe – your exhaust creates condensation too! But if your muffler’s warmed up, and the small puddle has become a big one, or it’s changing color, “water leaking from under car” might actually mean “car leaking vital fluid.” That’s when you should check out this handy guide exploring the reasons for a car leaking water from Allen Samuels Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT near Gatesville, and stop by for a quick inspection at our service department.

Identifying the Cause of Leaking Water

Follow these steps to learn where your leaking water is coming from:

  • Place a sheet of paper under the leak. If the fluid is blue, green, or yellow, it’s probably coolant.
  • If you find a large pool of water from your exhaust, a blown gasket could be to blame. When that happens, coolant is burned along with fuel, resulting in white smoke coming from the exhaust.
  • Check your coolant level to make sure you aren’t burning it. If it’s low, take your vehicle to our service department post-haste.
  • If you think you might have a cracked windshield wiper fluid reservoir, think about if you’ve poured water instead of windshield wiper fluid. Freezing water in that reservoir can cause the plastic container to split, resulting in light blue or light green fluid collecting by your front tires.

Regardless, visit us near Woodway if you’re finding anything besides water pooling around your car.

mechanic filling out service paper on clipboard

What Fluid Is Leaking From My Car?

Follow this list to discover what kind of fluid is under your car:

  • Red – Transmission Fluid or Power Steering Fluid
  • Orange – Transmission Fluid or Radiator Coolant
  • Yellow – Radiator Coolant
  • Green – Antifreeze from Water Pump, Hoses, or Radiator
  • Blue – Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • Dark Brown – Brake Fluid or Old Engine Oil
  • Light Brown – New Engine Oil or Gear Lubricant
  • Pink – Power Steering Fluid or Transmission Fluid

Visit Allen Samuels Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT in Waco for Expert Auto Service

Here at our Temple area service department, we’ve happily helped dozens of customers identify the source of their leaking fluids. We can also help you properly check other fluids like oil, and we can also help you reset your tire pressure lightContact us when you have more questions like, “What is causing my tires to wear unevenly,” or “How do I get smoke smell out of my car?” and be sure to check out our service specials and coupons!

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