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The type of oil you use in your truck makes a significant difference in its performance, durability, and overall lifespan. In addition, you’ll also provide your truck with benefits required to labor through the intense Woodway weather. At Allen Samuels Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT, we adhere to manufacturer recommendations for RAM 1500 oil type during any maintenance we perform. In the section below, you’ll learn the identical methods and guidelines we use for all of our Temple customers’ RAM 1500 oil change appointments. 

The Benefits of a Regular RAM 1500 Oil Change

When you use the right RAM 1500 oil type and stay mindful regarding your truck’s maintenance scheduling, you’re providing crucial benefits you might not realize. These benefits include: 

  • Maintaining a clean engine free of sludge and other harmful materials
  • A substantially longer engine life 
  • Better gas mileage 
  • Cleaner burning emissions 
  • Better overall engine performance 

You don’t need to be a mechanic or expert to extend your truck’s life and help optimize its performance. However, you must maintain a routine oil change schedule and ensure you use the recommended oil per your RAM 1500 owner’s manual. 

What Type of Oil Is Recommended for the RAM 1500? 

The RAM 1500 oil type you use depends on the specific model you own. Each specific engine type requires an appropriate weighted oil to run correctly, and it’s important to stay mindful of this requirement. 

The RAM 1500 with the 5.7L V8 HEMI engine requires SAE 5W-20 full synthetic oil. Using synthetic oil means you can schedule oil changes for every 10,000 miles. Use seven quarts to refill after draining the old oil and replacing the filter. 

If you own the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6, a 5W-40 synthetic satisfies manufacturer requirements. Remember to add MOPAR DEF fluid during oil changes on this model and maintain a constant check on fluid levels afterward. 

The 3.6L V6 Pentastar takes oil in two different places. The engine, camshafts, and valvetrain require six quarts of SAE 0W-20. However, the eTorque system requires that you lubricate the front axle and rear differentials with SAE 5W-20. 

Additional Maintenance During RAM 1500 Oil Changes

Whenever you change the oil in your RAM 1500, you should check the air filter. Typically, you can replace this component with every other oil change. Check other fluids during this routine maintenance, including brake, power steering, transmission, and washer fluid. 

In addition, it’s also good practice to schedule a transmission flush once every 12-months. You should prepare to replace PVC joints, plug wires, and have the transfer casing inspected as you approach the 100,000-mile mark. 

Let Allen Samuels Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT Handle Your RAM 1500 Oil Changes and Maintenance

We know how busy our customers in the Gatesville area get. Between full-time work and home life, it’s challenging to make time for life’s other dynamics. Let our service department lighten your load by helping you maintain your RAM 1500. We even have service coupons available to provide much-needed savings. Contact our service department for any maintenance questions or schedule any repairs or upkeep. 


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