COVID-19 Update


Dear Customers and Friends,

The entire staff at Allen Samuels shares your concern of the current COVID-19 virus situation. We are pleased to let you know that we have taken the following action to alleviate any concerns that you may have about visiting our dealership.

We have contracted with local experts to fog all of our front areas and employee offices with a Micro-Biostatic Surface Protection. The Antimicrobial treatment is applied after the dealership is cleaned and sanitized. They have fogged all of the customer lounges, countertops, office desks and chairs, as well as the walls. The active ingredient in the coating polymerizes all surfaces is colorless, odorless, and is food-friendly.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas (including lobbies, door handles, public bathrooms, etc.) and have continued the use of the most effective disinfectant available.

We have antibacterial hand sanitizers throughout the dealership.  All of our employees are using antibacterial hand sanitizers regularly during working hours.

Further, we are now providing free pickup and delivery of all vehicles that need service or routine maintenance within the Waco area.  Simply calls us and we will arrange everything for you at no extra charge.

Our tech staff and Customer Service employees will use plastic covers not only on your vehicle seats, but also the steering wheel so we can protect our customers along with our employees.

Allen Samuels has also implemented a “zero physical contact” policy.  While it is second nature to us to give handshakes to our wonderful customers and friends, we will no longer do so until further notice.

Finally, you are invited to take advantage of services we have been offering for some time.  This includes the following:

Buy Online – We’ll bring all of the paperwork plus the vehicle to finalize the sale at your home or business.

Delivery of Test-Drive Vehicles – Tell us what you’d like to test drive and we’ll bring it to you.

Online Pre-Approval – Complete your finance application online.

Virtual Test Drives – We’ll send you a walk around video of the vehicle you’re interested in.

At Allen Samuels, your health and welfare is our first concern and we’ll do what it takes to preserve your peace of mind.